Monday, 21 October 2019

New In The Shops!!

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 Gerry Murray  Design and Licensing UK
Hi There,
Hope you've had a lovely Autumnal weekend.
Look what's just arrived in the post...
Laura Stone has wowed us again; capturing bold colours with Halloween and Holiday art themes, which have been incredibly successful for garden flags in the US.  If only garden flags were as popular here in the UK!  The samples below are truly awesome!
Laura Stone
Laura Stone
Also this week; Gerry Murray Design and Licensing has been working closely with the wonderful design team at The Noel Tatt Group, and have launched this wonderful new range of 12 stunning greeting cards.  The range is called 'Specktacular'.  This wonderful new look has combined exquisite water colour, intermingled with the glossiest gold foil and embossed finishes, for a truly luxurious look.  Beautiful!
Gerry Murray Design and Licensing UK
Gerry Murray Design and Licensing UK
Our online art portfolio at is updated daily, where you can browse our beautiful art from all of our incredible artists.
Head over to our online portfolio by clicking the button below, or drop me an email.  Simply select your themed or filtered art, where you can automatically request availability.
If you need anything right off the peg or via commission; please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
Warmest regards,

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New In The Shops!!

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