Tuesday, 25 September 2018

New from those lovely people at Flamingo paperie!!!

Some exciting new designs from Gerry Murray Design and Licensing UK from Miss Laura Stone, Ms Sue James, Ms Isabel Matthews and Gerry Murray via those wonderful people at Flamingo Paperie.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Unboxing NEW Christmas Designs!!!
Hi There,
Christmas has come early at Gerry Murray Design and Licensing!
We have had all our Christmas samples through from Flamingo Paperie and Design Design.  Opening the boxes of products is literally like Christmas morning!  The colours are incredible!  I am so over the moon with the final products, and all due to the hard work and talents of our incredible designers, and of course, those lovely people at Flamingo Paperie and Design Design.
At the same time today, Greg has uploaded a wealth of new Christmas and Everyday artwork onto our online Portfolio from all of our designers.  Look out for the red star on the top right hand corner of the artwork for the latest designs.
Head over to our website by clicking the button below.
​If you have forgotten your personal login details, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the button below and I will only be too happy to send them over to you.
And don't forget, we offer 1. outright purchase, 2. licensing and 3. also work to commission, should your projects require it.  We have a vast online portfolio and if you feel that there is something that you specifically require, that you cannot see on our online portfolio, we are happy to work to your brief.
Looking forward to working with you and helping you with some of your future projects.
On another note; our flights are all booked for Surtex NYC 2019 - staying midtown from 1st - 5th Feb. And what a better way to network and reach new friends and clients.  I love Surtex and everything it brings with it: the networking, meeting new friends and old, displaying our artwork and bringing our creations to a new audience.
Til very soon, kind regards.

So incredibly pleased to see our designer's hard work materialise onto the final product.  Thank you to Laura, Isabel, Sue and those lovely people at Flamingo Paperie and Design Design.

New Christmas designs this week from Gerry Murray Design and Licensing for Flamingo Paperie and Design Design...
Gerry's other NEW licenses...
Laura's other NEW licenses...
Sue's other NEW licenses...
Isabel's other NEW licenses...

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

New Website Design

Excited to report!

New splash landing page on our website.

New 'Artists' section!

New 'Artists-related/themed' artwork online portfolio!

New In The Shops!!

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